Work With Us

We look forward to the opportunity.

At River’s Edge, we conduct business in a way that fosters relationships.

Through a focus on excellent customer service, including fixing any problems that arise quickly and fairly, we have proudly served many of the same customers for years. Part of this commitment is open and honest communication about our policies and processes, as follows:


We ask that all plants be paid for upon delivery to your nursery or when you pick up your plants at our nursery. Terms (net 30 days from date of invoice) are available upon prearranged credit.


All prices are Free on Board (F.O.B.) from our nursery to your location. Prices are subject to change, due to the availability of plant material.


A 50% deposit is required on plants to be picked up at a later date. All orders will be subject to varieties and sizes we can supply at time of shipment.


Please know that all sales are made with the understanding that we will not be responsible for shortages or problems due to crop losses, labor or weather beyond our control. The only guarantee is that the plant will be true to name and upon proper proof, within 10 days of receipt of goods, we will replace the plants or refund your money. At no time are we liable for more than the original purchase price. We do not guarantee the livability of any plant, nor do we guarantee any plant to be suitable for any job or given purpose.


We have access to local delivery trucks for hire. Customers are requested to give definite instructions for delivery. Delivery charges are due when merchandise is delivered unless an agreement is reached between the trucking company and the customer prior to date of delivery.


Please be aware that our liability ceases upon delivery to your truck or trucking company. All plant material travels at purchaser’s risk and expense.